PolitiFact Rates Fletcher Ad on Harvey Mostly False

National, non-partisan fact checker, PolitiFact is out with a new ruling on Lizzie Fletcher’s ad that politicized Hurricane Harvey. It rates the ad Mostly False.

The following is an excerpt of the story:

“Fletcher’s ad… says that Culberson got $680 million for a telescope in South America but voted against measures to fix dams and help prevent flooding. That claim is misleading.

“Culberson chairs a committee that allocated money for space projects and more than doubled the amount that the telescope group requested for 2019. However, it was already within the $680 million total cost of the project, and the money could not be transferred to flood relief.

“Culberson did vote against two measures — one in 2007 and one in 2013 — that had to do with fixing dams and FEMA funding. But the earlier bill provided money to fix publicly-owned dams, excluding the federally-owned Addicks and Barker structures, the two dams that impacted Houston during Harvey and the Memorial Day flood.

“The 2013 motion would have added on an amendment to increase $25 million for FEMA programs. He voted against that motion, but voted for the final version of the bill, which included an additional $7.65 million to FEMA…

“We rate it Mostly False.”

Click here to read the full article.

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