United Pilots Join Event for Congressman Culberson


Kathaleen Wall and Holly Frost hosted an event at their home this week for Congressman Culberson. A big thank you for opening their doors to us and United pilots Steven Milton, Airbus A320 First Officer, Steve Lofgren, Airbus A320 First Officer, Roger Brown, Airbus A320 Captain and Aaron Steines, Boeing B777 First Officer. 

Thank you to everyone who came out to participate in this great event. 


ABC 13 Story: The Trump Effect for Down-Ballot Republicans in Texas

 Congressman Culberson ABC 13

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- On Tuesday Donald Trump visited Texas to raise money in both Dallas and San Antonio. Eyewitness News decided to check with GOP leaders in the nation's largest Republican county and look at what impact, if any, the embattled nominee is having on the races that hit most closely to home.

"All of us are working arm in arm to elect Republicans to every office in Harris County," said west Houston Republican congressman, John Culberson."

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Culberson Letter Seeks Disaster Funding for Texas Floods


TexasInsider.org, September 12, 2016 - Representative John Culberson led a Texas delegation letter to Speaker Paul Ryan, Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Whip Steve Scalise requesting disaster funding for Texas in any supplemental appropriations bill that is considered in the coming months.

“Many Texans have suffered after major flooding events have destroyed homes, businesses and lives. This letter requests funding so that Texans can rebuild and improve infrastructure to limit damage in future flooding events,” Rep. Culberson said. “After these major floods, I toured the hardest hit communities in District 7 and saw firsthand the destruction Houstonians have suffered. I’ve heard their heartbreaking stories and I want them, and all Texans, to know that their representatives are listening and we are working hard to help them rebuild their homes and businesses. I’m also working with state and local officials and the Army Corps to improve flood mitigation projects. Congress may consider an emergency supplemental appropriations bill this fall and the delegation wants to make sure that Texans aren’t forgotten when that time comes.”

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Justice ends funding to 'sanctuary cities' in huge House GOP victory


“Justice sent Culberson a letter detailing the new rules that cut off several Justice grants, many to law enforcement, if cities like San Francisco, Washington, D.C. and over 300 others block access to criminal illegals sought by federal authorities.

It is a huge victory for Culberson, chairman of the Commerce, Justice, and Science Subcommittee on Appropriations...”

            Washington Examiner, 7/7/16



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What I Saw: Houston Flooding Response and Mitigation



Harris County Flood Management 

I am back in Washington this week with several key votes ahead on the National Defense Authorization Act. Over the past several weeks, I have spent much of my time on-the-ground with flood experts, survivors and first responders.

Armed with details about the flood control issues we face, I am working to secure targeted appropriations and key policy changes to help Harris County improve its drainage, retention and water infrastructure.

I recently visited with Houston Public Radio’s Houston Matters about how the private sector and public sector can each do more to prevent future flooding and improve drainage. As I told HPR:

The government has a responsibility to ensure that there are retention requirements in place, drainage requirements in place and that the dredging and improvement work are done downstream to ensure that water has a place to go.

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Kingwood TEA Party Endorses John Culberson


Kingwood TEA Party proudly endorses Representative John Culberson for reelection in Congressional District 7. 

Click here to read the Kingwood TEA Party full endorsement. 

Community Leader Bet Jennings Endorses Congressman Culberson

“John is a strong supporter of private property rights.  I worked alongside John to defeat a state jail proposed for Cypress.  Had that sate jail gone in, Cypress would not be the thriving place it is today.  Now those same County officials that backed the state jail are supporting John’s opponent.  John backs his constituents.”

-Bet Jennings, Community Leader 

John Culberson Delivers Again




Last year, John Culberson fought for the legislation giving Conservatives in Congress the necessary tools to stop the out-of-control Obama administration.  

This week, John Culberson used these tools to bring about real conservative reform by pressuring the Obama administration until it agreed to abandon its dangerous policy of allowing sanctuary cities to ignore federal law.  

John Culberson is providing the Conservative leadership needed and delivering the results necessary to get America moving forward again. 

Today is the final day of early voting.  Please take this opportunity to cast your vote to keep John Culberson delivering for us and ask you friends and family to do the same. 

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Culberson Forces DOJ to Crack Down on Sanctuary Cities

URGENT:  Watch how John Culberson forced the DoJ to crackdown on sanctuary cities...Then go cast your vote to keep Congressman John Culberson fighting for us!

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Ending Sanctuary Cities




Today was a tremendous victory for conservatives everywhere!

As the Chairman of the Appropriations subcommittee responsible for the Department of Justice’s budget, I recently sent a letter to Attorney General Loretta Lynch expressing my concern regarding sanctuary city policies. 

In that letter I asked specifically what she and the Justice Department were doing to prevent your hard-earned tax dollars from being sent to sanctuary cities that are in clear violation of federal law.

Earlier today, we received the answers Americans have long sought when the Attorney General testified in front of my committee.

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