John Culberson Delivers Again




Last year, John Culberson fought for the legislation giving Conservatives in Congress the necessary tools to stop the out-of-control Obama administration.  

This week, John Culberson used these tools to bring about real conservative reform by pressuring the Obama administration until it agreed to abandon its dangerous policy of allowing sanctuary cities to ignore federal law.  

John Culberson is providing the Conservative leadership needed and delivering the results necessary to get America moving forward again. 

Today is the final day of early voting.  Please take this opportunity to cast your vote to keep John Culberson delivering for us and ask you friends and family to do the same. 

What others are saying abut John Culberson’s Latest Conservative Victory

Justice Department Agrees to End Subsidies for Sanctuaries

“…Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced that her department has agreed to begin enforcing federal law against sanctuary policies that obstruct communication and cooperation with federal immigration authorities.

Lynch's announcement is the result of pressure applied by Rep. John Culberson (R-Texas), who chairs the subcommittee that controls the budget for the Department of Justice.

Under his plan, state and local jurisdictions maintaining sanctuary policies that violate federal law now risk losing federal funds — unless they stop protecting criminal aliens.”
            Center for Immigration Studies, 2/25/2016

“Attorney General Lynch Confirms New Sanctuary Cities Policy During Hearing with Chairman Culberson”
            Texas Insider, 2/25/2016

Justice to punish 'sanctuary cities' for harboring illegal criminal immigrants

[Jessica] Vaughan, an expert on the issue… gave credit to Culberson who had earlier promised to use his power of the purse to end the sanctuaries for illegal criminals.
            Washington Examiner, 2/24/2016

Click here to watch how John Culberson forced the DoJ to crackdown on sanctuary cities.

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