My position as chairman of the Appropriations Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice, and Science gives me a unique opportunity to deliver important results for Houston. My utmost priority has been to ensure Houston families are getting the funding and relief help they need in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, as well as working with state and local officials to improve and modernize Houston’s flood infrastructure to help prevent future flooding disasters.

Thanks to the support of the people of the 7th district, the seniority I’ve acquired has enabled me to be able to ensure NASA is able to return to the glory days of Apollo and to help our most vulnerable by securing millions of dollars for victims of human trafficking, violence against women programs, to support programs for missing and exploited children. I will continue to champion these efforts in Congress and do all I can to ensure that Harris County continues to be a great place to live, work and raise a family.
My stances on some important issues are below:

Growing the Economy

Houston is booming, in no small part to our common-sense Texas policies. Houstonians know that low taxes, smart and limited regulations, and robust American energy production can create a successful economy. We need to end the government overregulation and bureaucratic red tape that’s holding the American economy back.

We have the best medical center in the world here in Houston and that’s critical to Houston’s economy. I’ll fight to protect it and I will continue to be a zealous advocate for increasing national investment in medical and scientific research because breakthroughs in these areas are vital to the economic and technological challenges we face in the 21st century.

Improving Houston Transportation

Houston’s strong economy and growing population has been a boon for the city. But as anyone who commutes knows, it brought some traffic with it. One of my proudest moments as a Congressman was when we completed the Katy Freeway ahead of schedule, under budget, and without earmarks. I’ll continue to work toward traffic solutions for Houstonians that will reduce congestion and shorten our travel times.

What I won’t do is allow METRO to destroy neighborhoods in the Seventh District. Grade level light rail on Richmond is unaffordable, unapproved by voters, and unwanted by the homeowners and business owners in the neighborhood. In the most recent omnibus appropriations bill, I successfully blocked federal funding for light rail in CD-7, and I’ll keep up the fight to keep METRO out of your yard.

Strengthening NASA

NASA is one of our nation’s—and Houston’s—most valuable resources.

As chairman of the Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice, and Science, I have worked to ensure that NASA now receives more money than at any time since its creation, in an effort to not only return NASA to the glory days of Apollo, but also ensure jobs and economic growth for the Houston region. This will always be a key priority for me.

I also believe scientists, not politicians, need to make the long-term, strategic decisions for NASA. I’ve sponsored legislation that would do just that. My bill separates NASA’s funding process from the political whims of the President and ensures that the agency’s strategic goals are decided by the astronauts, engineers, and scientists who know best.

At its best, NASA is one of our country’s finest organizations. It attracts some of the most groundbreaking scientists, the smartest engineers, and the most talented pilots in the world. Millions worldwide have benefitted from its discoveries, prayed during its most precarious moments, and watched in awe during its crowning achievements. I will continue to work to make sure that NASA is a source of inspiration and scientific discovery that it can be.

Increasing Border Security

Ninety percent of our immigration problems can be solved if we just enforce the laws that are already on the book. Congress needs to support the officers and judges who work on the southern border—and then let them do their jobs. I fought for additional funding for protecting our southern border, and because of these efforts our law enforcement officers have more resources to keep our border safe. I will continue to support effective law enforcement techniques that reduce illegal immigration and protect Texans from crime along the border.

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