High Noon for Sanctuary Cities


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High noon for Sanctuary Cities

Early this year, U.S. Representative John Culberson, R-Texas, an Appropriations Committee subcommittee chairman responsible for funding the Department of Justice, got Lynch to officially designate the top 10 sanctuaries, including Chicago, New York and, the entire state of California, as noncompliant with federal law.

Culberson’s quiet, unpublicized victory makes sanctuaries immediately vulnerable to the loss of congressional money.

…Culberson said that if President Trump wants to, he could cut off funding to those cities and California the instant he’s sworn in at noon, Jan. 20, 2017.

A November Rasmussen poll found that 81 percent of probable voters favor mandatory deportation for aliens convicted of felonies.

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Can Congress Force an End to ‘Sanctuary City’ Policies?

John Culberson…has effectively used his post…to coerce the Department of Justice into enforcing a pre-existing federal law against harboring illegal aliens in sanctuary cities.

Culberson serves as chief financial officer of the departments under his jurisdiction and thus has the authority to cut off parts of their funding, block certain types of spending, and put intense financial pressure on executive agencies behind the scenes.

Culberson chose to leverage the power of the purse to get results, and he is the first appropriations subcommittee chairman to have such success with this method. 

…John Culberson has finally found the key to eliminating the dangerous sanctuary policies that have allowed jurisdictions to harbor illegal residents, including convicted criminals; if this type of policy continues to be successful, we know who to thank.

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