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26-Jan-11 3:00 PM  CST  

Congressman Culberson: President Obama’s State of the Union Address “Defies Logic” 

“Evidently the president still believes that you can maintain record-high spending levels and pay down the debt at the same time, which defies logic.”
Washington, DC– Congressman John Culberson (R-TX) issued the following statement in response to President Obama’s State of the Union Address:
“Tonight, President Obama once again tried to persuade the American people that government should be the mechanism for job creation and that economic recovery is dependent on more government spending.  Evidently the president still believes that you canmaintain record-high spending levelsand pay down the debt at the same time, which defies logic.
“President Obama stated unequivocally that the stimulus would create over 3.5 million jobs and that unemployment would not rise above eight percent.  Instead we have record high unemployment and millions of Americans still looking for work.  The fact of the matter is that government can’t create jobs like the private sector and government doesn’t add value to the economy.  
“Conservatives recognize that more government spending, programs, and regulations are not the answer.  We have already cut our own budgets and repealed a massive entitlement that our nation cannot afford.  In just three weeks, Conservatives voted to cut $2.6 trillion in new spending and reduce deficits by $700 billion.  We understand that the era of big government and big spending is mercifully at an end.  My hope is that the President will finally reach the same conclusion.”

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