Deeply saddened by a senseless terrorist attack in Manchester

Once again, we are deeply saddened by a senseless terrorist attack that targeted innocent young people in Manchester, England.

The targets were not trained soldiers on the field of battle. They were teens attending a concert – young people who were having the time of their life when a coward detonated a bomb and unleashed death and mayhem.

Our thoughts are once again with families who have suffered such tragic loss. We pray for them, and mourn with them in their time of need.

We are also reminded this is not a conventional enemy. There will be no surrender received at the end of a long war. They do not negotiate. They do not surrender. They target women and children. In the face of such evil, we have but one choice: to stiffen our resolve and wipe them from the face of the earth.

I stand with President Trump, who understands the threat posed by ISIS and affiliated terrorist groups, and who knows our response cannot consist merely of words of comfort.

The President’s visit to the Middle East comes at the right time, as he has focused on unifying the civilized world – people of all faiths – in rooting out this evil once and for all.

He is working with Muslim leaders who face the same threat posed by terrorist extremists.

When it comes to the terrorist threat, we don’t have to accept they will always be among us, as the previous Administration would have us believe. We can renew the effort to annihilate their base of operations and take the fight to them before they strike another western city, spreading death and carnage.

President Trump has also wisely entrusted the tactical command of this war to our generals and our officers in the field who know best what needs to be done to win their battles and protect American soldiers.  Unlike previous Commanders in Chief, President Trump is not micromanaging our military, and he has removed the lawyers that followed our troops and hamstrung them under President Obama.  

President Trump has truly unleashed the American military and given them one task: annihilate Isis.

We have the finest fighting force on the face of the earth. We have the best-trained law enforcement and first responders.  Our enemies around the world know the days of American retreat and apology are over.  We are finally on the right track to roll back and eventually eliminate Isis once and for all.

- John Culberson

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