Culberson Forces DOJ to Crack Down on Sanctuary Cities

URGENT:  Watch how John Culberson forced the DoJ to crackdown on sanctuary cities...Then go cast your vote to keep Congressman John Culberson fighting for us!

What Others are Saying About John Culberson

[Jessica] Vaughan, an expert on the issue… gave credit to Culberson who had earlier promised to use his power of the purse to end the sanctuaries for illegal criminals.
-Washington Examiner, 2/24/2016

I commend Chairman Culberson for working with the Department of Justice to get their commitment to stop any grant funding to jurisdictions that are in violation of applicable federal laws.
-Appropriations Chairman Hal Rogers (KY-05)

Rep. John Culberson Forces the Justice Department to Crack Down on Sanctuary Cities
Culberson got the cooperation of Attorney General Loretta Lynch in a way that even she understood, by threatening to withhold funds in his capacity as the chair of the House subcommittee that handles Justice Department funding. Lynch will now crack down on sanctuary cities.
-Blasting News, 2/24/2016

In Surprise Move, Obama Admin. Deals Blow To ‘Sanctuary’ Cities
Texas Rep. John Culberson, who chairs the Appropriations Subcommittee, indicated that he was pleased with the new policy.
-Daily Caller, 2/25/2016

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