Conservative Leaders and Organizations Endorse Congressman Culberson

Conservative Leaders Endorse Congressman Culberson

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI)
"John Culberson is a strong advocate and a principled representative for the people of Texas’ 7th District. John is the type of committed conservative that we need in Congress. He has been working tirelessly to advance solutions that will keep our economy growing and our nation safe. John is leading the fight to hold the President accountable, working to stop his executive overreach, and I’m proud to support John’s re-election to the House of Representatives.” 

Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn (R-TX)
"John Culberson's leadership has helped ensure that critical institutions like NASA, the Texas Medical Center and the Port of Houston have the tools to do what they do best: drive innovation and create jobs. Houston will continue to grow and lead on the global stage so long as John Culberson is in Washington to keep fighting for the values we as Texans hold dear."

Ambassador Chase Untermeyer, Former Assistant Secretary of the Navy and author of Inside Reagan’s Navy
Thank you, John, for keeping your word that the US Navy remains the strongest in the world. From your senior seat on the House Appropriations Committee you have made sure our nation builds two state-of-the-art Virginia-class submarines a year. You have also ensured funding for the Seawolf-class, an even more powerful fleet of attack subs. Any potential enemy must think extra hard before taking on a United States armed with the best we can build, and we have our congressman to thank for that.

Conservative Organizations and Business Leaders Endorse Congressman Culberson

National Shooting Sports Foundation
Texas Farm Bureau AGFUND
Houston Realty Business Coalition
The "C" Club of Houston
Spring Branch Republicans
Texas Right to Life
United Republicans of Harris County

Community Leaders Endorse Congressman Culberson



"John Culberson was with me every step of the way. He never backed down and he always kept his word."
-Edd Hendee, Business Owner and Former Conservative Radio Talk Show Host

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"He has saved our homes, he has saved our businesses and he has saved thousands of jobs by standing by us."
-Daphne Scarbrough, Business Owner on Richmond Avenue

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