Addressing a Human Rights Epidemic

Over the last decade, the National Human Trafficking Hotline has received 145,764 reports of trafficking in America.

Think about that. More than 100,000 reports of the modern-day version of slavery. Over one hundred thousand lives trafficked, exploited, in some cases destroyed.

And nowhere is this human rights epidemic more prevalent than Houston. Houston is ground zero for human trafficking. It makes me sick. It makes me mad. It makes me determined to act.

This week we did that.

We passed three bills in Congress that crack down on human trafficking.

The Frederick Douglas Trafficking Victims Prevention and Protection Act reauthorizes $130 million to detect, deter and prosecute trafficking, and to provide services for victims.

The Enhancing Detection of Human Trafficking Act trains federal employees to detect illegal trafficking.

The Empowering Law Enforcement to Fight Sex Trafficking Demand Act expands access to Department of Justice grants so law enforcement agencies can better fight criminal trafficking rings.

All three bills passed this week. I supported them. And we will continue to do more, because no young girl should be forced into the sex trade, and its many degradations.

The exploitation and violence of sex trafficking must be stopped. I will not rest until we put away the criminal masterminds behind this heinous form of slavery, and its victims are set free.

-John Culberson

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