Congressman John  Culberson

Wicker-Culberson Bill Protects Liberty, Restores States’ Rights 10th Amendment Act Helps States Challenge Federal Regulations & Executive Orders

Posted: April, 27, 2015

Washington, D.C. – Congressman John Culberson (TX-07) and Senator Roger Wicker (Miss.) today introduced the “Restoring the 10th Amendment Act” in both the House and Senate. The bill gives States and the American people a powerful new tool to challenge aggressive federal overreach.

“President Obama pledged to use a ‘phone and pen’ to push through his liberal agenda against the will of the people, and thanks to his unconstitutional executive actions, there is very little left in our personal lives or in the realm of original State authority that the federal government does not control,” said Congressman Culberson. “From illegal amnesty, to Obamacare, to the IRS scandals - no President has shown greater disregard for individual liberty and States’ rights.” 

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Simplifying & Reducing Your Taxes

Posted: April, 20, 2015

Our tax code is so complex that the former IRS Comtmissioner has to hire an accountant to prepare his tax returns. The current tax code, and the 20 volumes of regulations that accompany the law, includes more than 14.4 million words. Individuals and businesses spend about 6.1 billion hours each year complying with tax-filing requirements. Whatever your situation, I think most of us can agree that taxes are too high and our tax code is too long and too confusing.


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Posted: April, 6, 2015

This past month marked the five-year anniversary of Obamacare. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much to celebrate.  Obamacare is proof that Washington does not know best.


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Culberson Statement on Passage of House Budget

Posted: March, 31, 2015

Congressman John Culberson (TX-07) released the following statement on this week’s House passage of the Balanced Budget for a Stronger America Act (H.Con.Res. 27): 

“I supported the House budget because it is designed to cut $5.5 trillion in spending and balance the federal budget in less than 10 years, while giving Congress the tools we need to totally repeal Obamacare and prevent the looming bankruptcy of Medicare and Social Security. 



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